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Maria Skrebtsova

Maria Skrebtsova young Moscow's artist, poet, children writer, musician, composer and singer...

"These paintings, - says Maria - not landscapes, not portraits, even not still lifes. This is an attempt to portray the world with colors of love and light. My pictures created to lighten our world, to help those who look at them, to become stronger in spirit. This abstract art meant to bring harmony and tranquility. My artworks for meditation are designed to ensure people remember the brightest moment in their lives and realized how beautiful life is".

Everyone finds in Maria's paintings something very personal. One enjoys fairy-tale Moon's World, other - a quiet prayer or sweet chocolate forest. The most important - people stand still in front of her pictures, contemplating about their lives. (Read about Art Therapy >>)

Maria Skrebtsova was born in Moscow. She graduated from the Institute of Foreign Languages Maurice Teresa. By speciality Maria is educator and translator of French and English languages. Maria - the author of more than 80 collections of poetry and children's books>>. Her latest album "Songs for the Soul" is very popular in Russia and former USSR.

Pictures of M.Skrebtsova - is an attempt to portray world with unique colours: colours of kindness, colours of love and spirituality >> abstract artist: read more >> Fantasy Art, Mystical Artwork >>

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